Principal's Message

Principal's Message

                                               Message from the Principal's desk 

We are highly obliged to the dear parents and guardian for their constant support and encouragement to bring out the best of education to our students . We assure you to give the vibrant and dynamic environment where many benchmarks are set and many heights are conquered , with this we welcome you one and all . 

Vidhaan has laid a strong foundation of giving best knowledge to the students . We at Vidhaan help our students to explore their talent and channelize it in the proper direction . In a world where everything is measured by the yardstick of success , we train our students to think logically , systematically and analytically . I feel very happy when students perform remarkably and extremely well . But what makes me the happiest person is when student of some rural background progresses steadily from poor performance to the better performance , moving towards excellence . We at Vidhaan always believe in making students think out of the box and be innovative and creative . 

Our student's development is like a growth of a tree . We at Vidhaan believe in sowing the best and nurturing it till it is ready to become fruitful . Our role is to water these saplings and sometimes to harden them off , Sometimes to protect them and sometimes to expose them to the sun and wind . To bubble wrap them and insulate them with the experience of success and failure . The objective is to provide them with their needs in order to coax out the potential they have . This all is done for the betterment of the student where they achieve success with struggle but learn how to sweat in order to achieve that level . 


                                      " success is sweet but its secret is sweat

Dr. Ruchi Pandey

 ( Principal )