Digital Library

Digital Library


A library can be considered a store – house of knowledge. In dictionaries the word “library” has been defined as “a building or room containing a collection of books”. A library renders a great service to the society. There are mainly two sections in a library. They are the Lending Section and the Reference Section. Any student can borrow books from the lending section. Students too can use the reference section. They are allowed to enter the section. They can take down notes from the books. There is also a section in a library where one read books calmly and quietly. Here any one can do his or her studies under a calm and quiet environment. Some students find it very difficult to do their studies at their homes due to various reasons. This section is particularly useful for such students.

The present day libraries are modern repositories of information.They are identified as well-organized spaces of learning for everyone.They encourage learners and teachers to explore, create and collaborate with each other.These smart libraries are poised to become the 21st century learning hubs.

With digital libraries, students can often get real-time insights about their reading—how long they’re reading, at what level, and how well they’re understanding the material—that they simply can’t get with print materials. Encourage students to use this information to take ownership of their learning and make informed decisions about their reading. 

Teachers also benefit from having more detailed information about their students’ reading, but that’s not the only way that digital libraries can help educators. When every book in a digital library is essentially available as a “class set,” teachers can unleash their creativity. No longer limited to the few titles with thirty or so copies available, teachers can create projects and activities based on student interests, current events, or local news. Make sure all teachers are properly trained on all the features and collections available with the digital library, so they can take full advantage of all it offers.