About Vidhaan

About Vidhaan

Vidhaan Public School is a garden of talents, flourishing and flowering happily. It is a school that alchemizes a child into a self-motivated and conscientious agent of social transformation, blending his individual aspirations with a philanthropic vision to make the world a paragon of peace and idealism. As we move our way up from the Pre-Primary Section where learning is a joy for little ones, to the Primary level which serves as the foundation for shaping their personality.

With the acquisition of cognitive skills, we prepare them for the Junior Section where their minds become an amalgam of knowledge and discovery. We try to ensure that Senior years bring sincerity and seriousness with which they not only strive to accomplish their goals but also to handle the transition from the threshold of school to the world of challenges with more maturity. They are thus prepared to face the professional world and make a mark in society. The most valuable and precious contribution of the Construction Department has left us indebted to them for having provided a state- of- the- art imposing building. Well stocked libraries with the latest books, well equipped Science Laboratories – Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Computer Labs with interactive white board help students in the IT based interactive learning. It is also used for framing and implementing other orientation program.

The school has Music Room,Fun Room/Activity Room,  Smart Class, Auditorium for overall development of the students. The School has a strength of 800 students at present.

The Best Green Campus

VIDHAAN has the best green campus in Duhai (Ghaziabad).This explores how ‘green’ school grounds, which contain a greater diversity of landscaping and design features, affect the quantity and quality of physical activity among elementary school children.  


The  Toddlers Wing initiates, grooms and prepares the children by opening doors through skills, activities and theme based learning modules which enhances the kinesthetic, socio-motor, emotional and physiological faculties of the budding learners.

This Wing is equipped with a wide range of innovative teaching material, audio-visual facilities, musical aids, Montessori Lab, sand pit and a gazebo play park to aid and enhance the ‘Play Way’ method of learning and to make the premises a happy place for every child. We also have a Zen Garden where these toddlers exposed to gardening and love for plants. They get to grow and create their own little garden of edible plants.

PRIMARY WING- ‘The Fun Years!’ - Grades 1 to V

Vidhaan has a unique integrated curriculum framework of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic essential elements (as per the CBSE guidelines). We focus not only on information and conceptual knowledge but on skills, attitudes, and actions- equipping our young learners to have fun while learning in a joyful environment. The focus area, in these years, is more on kindling creativity and imagination, comprehension,  fluency of language conventions and numeracy skills thereby creating a robust foundation for the Middle School Curriculum.

MIDDLE WING- ‘The Curious Years!’ – Grades VI to viii

The Middle School curriculum framework comprises of scholastic programme (English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Sciences, Social Science and the third language- (Sanskrit) providing a broad and balanced academic programme for young adolescents. The students get to opt for various Co-Scholastic programmes- (Art & Craft, Western music, Indian music- Instrumental and Vocal, Dance, Sports and Games; the flexibility in the options for the aforementioned choices allows students to meet their interest combined with their academic learning goals.

The outlook at VIDHAAN, is to broaden the young adolescent’s perspective and create opportunities to become more independent and confident. Hands-on activities, experiments, inquiry based projects, research & investigations, art appreciation & photography for middle schoolers are just some of the ways we explore and promote excellence.

SENIOR WING - ‘The Rise n’ Shine Years!’ Grades IX to XII

As students move into the final years of their schooling, we ensure they are guided, engaged and motivated in a more adult-oriented manner. Teaching techniques become more comprehensive. Assignments demand more involvement and independent thinking. Their growing maturity is acknowledged through increased responsibilities, in a demanding yet supportive environment. Learners are supported to make successful transitions, transforming them into competent and capable individuals ready to face the brink of adulthood with a ’can-do’ attitude!

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